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Heroic Dragons 25 Down!
04/28/2011 10:43 PM by Cornholio.

Great job guys! Keep the progression going.


Ye olde RNG made me dead for this kill. yayjester at 04/29/2011 06:24 PM
I'm not a fan of this Male troll nakedness in the front row, WTB our naked famale orc backKhilo at 05/01/2011 07:46 PM
Heroic Wind Blast 25 Down!
04/14/2011 11:52 PM by Cornholio.

Took a few attempts, but we got em'!


I swear to you I will be kiting killer plants around in circle in my nightmares for weeks. /traumatizedSaint42 at 04/15/2011 04:46 AM
i hope we wipe another 100 times so Anti has to kite that much more.Khilo at 04/15/2011 09:12 AM
Heroic Ben Affleck Boss 25 Killed!
03/31/2011 08:57 PM by Cornholio.

Great job guys, keep it going!


None yet.

Heroic Maloriak 25 Down!
03/24/2011 09:48 PM by Cornholio.

Great job, guys, this is our 2nd progression boss for this week.


Lord Cornhoiio, Zieg Hiel!Starboy at 03/24/2011 10:32 PM
only 39 fps? no wonder our tank is so badSheitan at 03/29/2011 01:53 PM
Heroic Magmaw 25 Dead!
03/22/2011 11:09 PM by Cornholio.

Great night regardless of LOGIN boss.


For Lord CornholioStarboy at 03/22/2011 11:10 PM
Kickass comeback after a really shitty week =DDaive at 03/22/2011 11:19 PM
I planted some shrooms and up popped some Corn...Shubato at 03/22/2011 11:38 PM
I am an icon, a messenger from the heavens, descending from the clouds....Cornholio at 03/23/2011 06:43 AM
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