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10/12 25m and actively recruiting!
02/17/2011 01:06 PM by Hungraa.

Only Nefarian and Al'akir remain alive for 25m normal bosses. Hopefully we'll get Corn to post our first Cho'gall screenshot sometime soon.

In other news, recruiting talented DPS and healers for 25m PvE raiding, as well as hardcore PvPers!

PvE class needs (in no particular order):

Resto Druid
Holy/Disc Priest
Shadow Priest

As always, any particularly exceptional players will be considered, regardless of recruitment status of the specific class/role.

We're also looking into recruiting dedicated PvPers, for arenas and rated BGs! Contact Shamit, Hungraa or Cornhoiio in game if you're interested in joining specifically for PvP.



None yet.

Lich King Heroic 25 Killed! (11/11/10)
11/17/2010 01:31 AM by Hungraa.

Nice job to everyone for months of hard work and dedication, this was long overdue.

Get pumped for Cataclysm!


None yet.

Church of RNG is actively recruiting for Cataclysm!
11/16/2010 03:25 PM by Hungraa.

As Cataclysm imminently approaches, our need for skilled and dedicated players is greater than ever.

Evidence that you might be awesome:

You top DPS or Healing in all the pugs you run, and are constantly pissed at stupid mistakes other people make.

You laugh at other people's talents, gems and enchants.

You log the raids you run on World of Logs, and even have some world-class records of performance.

You want to be part of the bleeding edge of raiding, love the rush of downing a new boss after wiping for hours, and are a dedicated team player.

If you think you're ridiculously better than the average WoW player, we encourage you to register on our forums and apply.



None yet.

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