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Hellfire High Council Defeated! [4/13M]
09/21/2015 08:34 PM by Cornholio.

I am happy to report that Church of RNG has finally defeated Mythic Hellfire High Council in Hellfire Citadel. Blizzard has an unwritten or at least unpublished rule: every large raid instance needs to have at least one council boss. Hellfire High Council was a pretty decent boss. The fight does not feature too many mechanics or timers that require perfect attention like other bosses do. By no means is this boss a tank and spank either. The one glaring aspect about this compared to a lot of other fights is the personal responsibility required of every player. Reap can wreck your raid pretty quickly and it is not an ability that can just be carried. Every person needs to know how to handle reap and be ready to move before time runs out. There definitely were attempts where people just tunneled through the timer, dropping the reap zone on the floor below our raid stack, wiping us and there were times when everyone successfully ran out with their reap ability only to converge on another location near a wall and kill a small group of people. Reaps definitely got cleaner as we moved along though and that is encouraging. Similar to a fight such as Hanz and Franz, our guildees showed that the unforgiving personal responsibility mechanics CAN be overcome.

From my end, tanking Dia was fun and enjoyable. It was a delightful change to be able to actually use Spell Reflect to counter a boss' ability. Tanking that mob specifically required a lot of attention, proper rage management and cooldown usage. This is definitely a fight that I look forward to from now on. We got a taste of what Kilrogg Deadeye has to offer and I truly believe that I'll be back reporting a new kill on him soon...before our 3-shot kill of Gorefiend. (just watch us, you non-believers.)

We are always looking to improve our roster to fight harder bosses. If you think you are an excellent player that can contribute, please let one of the officers know.

Happy Raiding!


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