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Welcome to Mal'Ganis and Happy Birthday! [3/13M]
08/28/2015 03:38 PM by Cornholio.

Church of RNG began a new chapter very recently. A lot of reasoning and decision went into our move to Mal'Ganis. I am writing this post as the original purchaser of the Church of RNG guild charter on Cho'gall exactly six years ago today. Any one of our members could type the command /guildinfo and see this:

For very nearly six years we called Cho'gall home, going through thick and thin. Unfortunately for reasons out of our control, the thin was persisting on Cho'gall-connected. After a couple select guilds ended their time on Cho'gall either through transfers or disbandings, the raiding population had been pretty barren. Gone was the time when 4am Wednesday morning would still feature some sort of population in the expansion's major city. The lack of active players leads to a multitude of problem, none of which I really want to list here. As we recognized this issue and contemplated methods of remedy, we unanimously agreed to seek out a new home. Quickly, we determined that Mal'ganis was our destination. And now here we are, boasting two new kills in mythic content, two that would have put us as server 2nd back on Cho'gall.

Iron Reaver and Kormrok were our 2nd and 3rd kills respectively. Both are rather simple fights, not too much more required of players beyond higher damage and healing requirements. These two fights really solidify us as a mythic guild now, making our Mal'ganis future ever brighter.

As always, we are looking for excellent players to progress with us through mythic content. If you feel that you are an excellent player, please reach out to myself, Thehawks, Gameshard, Artefact, or Boomkin.

Happy Raiding!


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