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Mythic Kromog [6/10M]
05/21/2015 02:39 PM by Cornholio.

Wonderful job to everyone. Mythic Kromog went down last night. The fight was not easy. We put in many attempts over several weeks, but saw major strides last night. The pillar phase was no joke of a dps check on this fight. The first few weeks we were having trouble getting all 3 pillars down on the first round, but last night something clicked and we rarely missed a pillar. It was quite exciting being able to push these pillars with a few seconds to spare most attempts as we all knew that the boss would be dying very soon. On our kill, we did have a 3rd pillar phase come up. Our fearless leader, Mang, called for "All damage boss!" and we killed him JUST as he was exploding. It really could not have been any closer of a kill.

This boss kill now puts us with less than half of mythic Blackrock Foundry remaining. The new patch (6.2) featuring tier 18 will be live in a few weeks making this crunch time for us to get in those last kills. Great job all around, keep it going! Next up: Mythic Trains! I hear that this is supposed to be one of the most fun bosses on which to progress. A few people were even asking to go straight to trains instead of Kromog. We're all aboard for that boss now!

As always, we are recruiting. At the moment our highest needs would be for a death knight and maybe a rogue or dps warrior. We would also consider other players of classes not listed here that can provide immaculate logs.

Happy Raiding



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