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Mythic Hanz+Franz and Flamebender [5/10M]
05/02/2015 04:46 PM by Cornholio.

Last week ended with us getting stamped like crazy by Hanz and Franz. This week started with us getting stamped like crazy by Hanz and Franz. That ended quickly when we learned that we were smarter than the average ape and got our slow, crippled snail-selves out of stampers and killed that dynamic duo. Overall, it was a very fun fight. There was little RNG and could be mostly predicted. It feels pretty good to know that our guild can move out of or into 'fire'.

We had about an hour and a half left in our raid week and had already killed one new boss in HanzFranz. Next on our chopping block was Flambender Ka'graz. We had all heard rumors about this fight being the easiest in Blackrock Foundry, but did not think it was going to be like this. We first pulled Mythic Flamebender at 10:46pm CST and walked away with a kill at 11:20pm... The fight did not feel much different. We had to make a minor change or two and coordinate cooldowns for it to be a kill. This boss was a joke. It probably should have been accessible at this difficulty as the first boss, definitely not as one that drops tier. Regardless, a new mythic kill in only 6 total attempts does show how strong of a roster we have at the moment.

On that note, our recruitment needs have altered slightly. At the moment, our biggest needs are mage, shadow priest (with disc off-spec), and death knight. But do not let that discourage you from applying. Please feel free to register and fill out an application. As always, we are looking for great players. Come kill the second half of BRF with us as we wait for Hellfire Citadel to be released in 6.2. Happy Raiding!



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