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Mythic Gruul Dead! [3/10M]
04/26/2015 03:41 PM by Cornholio.

Hello everyone. Here is our first update in a while. We have been raiding this whole time but have not had a stable website to post some of our kills. This past week we killed Mythic Gruul. I may end up posting a lot of our other kill shots that were never posted. Either way, we are looking forward to more mythic kills.

Gruul was a rather boring fight. Definitely the 'Patchwerk' of this raid, most players just stand in one spot and either damage or heal. The fireball projectiles did not really add much to this encounter as it is right now and we were able to easily 2 tank the fight. Having this boss on easy farm is rather nice as it opens the door to some pretty key pieces. Next is HanzFranz. A lot of us are looking forward to that fight as we believe the smart stampers look to be quite a fun mechanic. More smashing is involved!

Our overall roster is getting extremely strong. But, we are always willing to consider any player that proves to be of exceptional skill. If you are interested, please register then view the forums for information on how to apply. For any questions, feel free to contact one of the council online.

Happy raiding!



I should have stood on the other side of Gruul Aaron and his dam flex are blocking me xD Grimort at 04/27/2015 02:02 PM
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